“My name is Cathy and I met the Gowylde Team through Mary’s husband Mike who I work with. I’ve used the Gowylde Team both in selling and purchasing a house in the city of Guelph.

Both experiences were although different they were both great. They provided information from all the comps when I was selling my house in the South end of Guelph and it was very comparable to what I thought and just very detailed. It was great.

On the purchasing side, just explaining what I wanted and they provided some options and that was a really quick purchase as well. What I love most about them is that they’re a forward team. They have a great social media platform and they’re very strong on social media. I think that they know, particularly in Guelph, they know the Guelph market extremely well.

As I said they provide information about the comps in each area of the city of Guelph. And they’re just a great team to work with. I’ve experienced a couple of realtors in Guelph and I can really say that they really didn’t know the comps in the city of Guelph. They were just practically looking for a buy. I just didn’t think that they were the right fit for me, whereas the Gowylde Team, when I was selling my house, they just understood that, it was a house that I had for a while that they were understanding that I was selling and they knew what I wanted for the price of the house. And they just took care of me and I really appreciated them.” Cathy A

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