Client Testimonials


“How I came to know about the GoWylde Team, was really a happy accident. My husband and I were relocating to Guelph, and we did what a lot of people do, which is starting to look for properties on the Realty website. One of the properties we were interested in, was a GoWylde property and I sent a message through the online service and within three minutes, Trish and the GoWylde Team called me back.

She set up my online profile right away but meeting in person was like, we had known each other for a long time. She already knew my preferences on the realtor site and we started to see properties together. Very friendly, warm, approachable, high energy and best of all she learned what I wanted, even before I knew what I wanted. It made for a very productive few days of looking at properties.

I was a little bit nervous because of course, you want to find that right place. I suggested some properties for us to look at and Trish added her own into the mix as we went along. So the first night was kind of, very busy looking at properties I thought I wanted to see. Then the next night was looking at properties that Trish thought I should look at. And that was actually one of the houses we ended up making an offer on, was the one that Trish suggested based on her knowledge of me, as a client, and her interacting with me as I was viewing these properties.

The property had only been on the market for less than a day, and there was an open house that was happening the next day. So we knew we had to make an offer quickly. Trish put the offer together with me in one city and my husband in another province and it was presented to the sellers within minutes. We had an offer accepted before their cut off the next day and it was just that easy. Within 12 hours we owned the house.

I would highly recommend Trish and anyone at the GoWylde Team because first of all, they are a team. I interacted with a number of players throughout the process. On the admin side, the social media team, the website, as well as administrators to put together the offer and they really do work together. It was cohesive. I felt that I was cared for.

Although I was a new customer and had no experience with the GoWylde Team, I instantly knew that my business was valued and that any part of the interaction, if I had questions or concerns, I could go to Trish and she was there within minutes. Working in a referral business myself. I know that immediate customer, responsiveness is so critical to, buyers comfort and seller’s comfort that I would 100% recommend GoWylde, Realty, and the entire team” Jessica B

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