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So, you’ve found a great team to work with (Hi!), you’ve prepared your home, you’ve listed it, and you’ve found an interested buyer. Fantastic! Now we’re at a very crucial step: closing the deal.

This is the last part of the real estate race, and the finish line is in sight. Don’t worry, you’ll be celebrating with us soon enough.

Here are five things that you can always expect the GoWylde team to bring to the closing table for a successful deal.



Our team has certified negotiating experts who know the ins and outs of the process better than anyone. Which, at the end of the day, means we’ll always be able to get you top dollar for your home.



We’ve collectively sold over 1,000 homes in Guelph and the surrounding areas. We’ve handled pretty much any issue you could imagine during home inspections, title searches, and financing processes, and have overcome the obstacles with ease.



If there are issues during the home inspection, don’t worry. Like we said, we know exactly how to handle it. We have network of local trades people on call to fix any problems, and can recommend a number of trusted lawyers and movers to help before, during, and after we close the deal.



We have a full time deals secretary who makes sure deadlines are met with every condition, and that our lender and lawyers get all the needed infor She’ll provide you with a complete checklist of what you need to do during the process, and will be there to help you with whatever you need to make a smooth transaction and easy move.



With a full team like ours, there’s always someone to answer any questions during the closing process that you, your lawyer, or your lender have. If you won’t be around, that’s no problem. Even if your house will be vacant, we’ve got it covered; we’ll do regular checks of your home to make sure it’s well maintained and ready for the next step.


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