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Finding a real estate agent who can get the right buyer in the door is one thing, but finding an agent who can successfully negotiate the deal to get you the absolute best price is a whole other ballgame. Sometimes, sellers overlook just how important an agent’s negotiating skills are. But really, the best way to approach it is to work with a team who’s had the training and professional experience to get any seller a great price.

And we just so happen to fit that criteria! We know that the thought of moving is stressful enough, who has the time to worry about anything else? We’ll take care of every aspect of the negotiations, and here’s how.

With Our Extensive Training

Mary, Brad, and our buyer’s agents, are all Certified Negotiation Experts. What does this mean for you? For starters, it means that you get so much more than just a team of run-of-the-mill negotiators. Our team knows what approach to take depending on every unique selling situation, and the psychology behind how a buyer makes a home purchase.

With Our Years of Experience

Equally as important as our certified training is our life experience. With the high amount of transactions we complete every year, we’ve really seen it all. And it’s our ability to be creative problem solvers that makes the deal happen, and gets it closed.

Our results speak for themselves: we’ve been able to sell listings that other real estate agents just couldn’t, and at the same listing price. We’re constantly getting the highest price on the street. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect deal?


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