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Are you looking for a slow, drawn-out sale? Want to spend months waiting for the right buyer to come through the doors, and many sleepless nights wondering if you’ll ever actually see a ‘sold’ sign outside of your dreams? Easy–just don’t prepare your home before you list it.

Okay, so you’re probably wondering how you can avoid all of that. And really, it’s not that hard. An easy sale can happen, all you have to do is take the time for staging and marketing preparations. We’ve worked with some clients for a year before selling their home, so they could make the proper renovations and improvements that we knew would pay off in the end (And they did!).

Taking the time to properly stage and prepare your home means less time waiting for it to sell, and more time celebrating.

Here are the seven steps we take to prepare your home for a sale.



We’ll meet at your house with our full time stager, who works solely with the GoWylde team, to discuss how we’ll make your home look its best in the advertisements and in real life.



Once we decide what should be done, we delegate tasks. There are some simple things that you can do, and for the rest, we’ll see what you might want to hire out, and what our team will handle.



We have a trusted connection with local professionals to help you with any improvements that need to be made. We’ll put you in touch with reliable and reasonably priced trades people that can help.



Our team will use our inventory of over $200,000 of accessories and furniture pieces to stage your home. We’ll emphasize your home’s best selling features, while making the space modern and inviting.



The GoWylde stager will work with our professional photographer to take ample pictures of your home, making sure that every photo accurately reflects your property.



Every brochure that we send out is full of high quality photos of your professionally staged home, neighbourhood information including which schools are in the area, and a list of the unique features of your home.



We generate interest in your listing before it even hits the market through our ‘coming soon’ campaign. We start advertising early to build up a buyer pool, attracting only the most well-suited buyers through our targeted marketing system.


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