April 5, 2019 | Buyers

Should You Stage A Home You Are Flipping?

Should You Stage A Home You Are Flipping?



Yes, absolutely! Staging is the icing on the cake when selling your flip.  I don’t know about you but cake just isn’t the same without the icing.

Buying a home is an emotional decision for most purchasers. Staging is a must if you want someone to absolutely fall in love with your home and pay you top dollars.

Only 10 percent of the population is able to walk into a room and visualize where you would put furniture.

Contrary to popular believe a properly staged room actually looks bigger than a vacant room. I can’t tell you how many times a buyer will look at a vacant bedroom and say it is too small.  Fast forward to the next house and they will say a furnished bedroom is a good size. When we compare the size of the two bedrooms most of the time the vacant room was the same size or actually bigger. People overestimate the space a bed & end table will take up in the room.

If you ever had looked at a vacant house online besides the kitchen and bathroom,  all the other rooms look the same, they are boring.  98% of buyers are first introduced to your home online through the pictures.  You want the home to grab them and make them want to rush to view it.

When NAR asked buyers why they purchased a home, one of the most frequent responses is it “just felt right”. This is a 100% emotional response. A furnished home is warmer, homier and more inviting than a vacant home.

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