Tanya Seiling, Staging and Design Manager

Office: 519-826-7109 | Fax: 519-265-2956

Hi, I’m Tanya Seiling. I love meeting new people and using my natural gifts and talents to help people sell their homes, which is exactly what I’ve been doing for the past 10 years.

I was an art major in school, took some college and staging courses, and have both taught and taken human relation courses. Before I got into staging, I was a customer service representative in a call centre, as well as a trainer, supervisor, and manager at an insurance company. I earned an exceeding rating and was awarded over 100 VIPs from colleagues and bosses that I worked with in the insurance industry.

I later became an Accredited Staging Professional (ASP) and graduate of the Staging Diva courses. I’d say my biggest challenge was overcoming great pain at one point in my life, and my proudest moment is when I was awarded the Gossman award. This was awarded to the student who showed strong leadership qualities and was positive while supporting and encouraging others to be their best. These are all qualities that I still hold myself to, and am proud to see in the GoWylde team every day.

Tanya Seiling, staging and design manager

My Perfect Day:

I have to say that I wake up looking forward to my day right now. I have a great team and love what I do. When I think about my absolute perfect day, it would include waking up to a secluded place on the water; a place I could rest, read a book, maybe go for a ride on my bicycle, and swim. There would be an opportunity to do something exciting like riding on ATVs or jumping off a high cliff into the water. It would end with sitting by a warm fire singing songs with my family.

First Job:

Babysitting the day I turned 12. When I turned 16 I also worked at Swiss Chalet.

Super Hero Power:

Encouraging and uplifting people.

Favourite Restaurant:

Empress of India.


My Faith.

GoWylde Is:

An exceptional team that isn’t afraid to boldly go where no real estate company has gone before.We use all of our team’s strengths to get your home sold quickly for the maximum dollar possible. Our team minimizes the stress and ensures that your deal is ethical and precise. No matter what age or stage of life you are in, our team’s knowledge, expertise and strengths are just what you need to purchase or sell your home.

My One Word:


Inner Animal:

A lion. I also took a test for which dog I’d be and I got: “You are a Labrador Retriever! You are friendly, good-natured, hardworking, and out-going. You have a great, sociable personality and you are super energetic. You have a great energy that people love being around.”

How I Unwind:

I write in my journal, sing, read, stretch, and go for motorcycle rides.