Taylor Seiling, Client Concierge

Office: 519-826-7109 | Fax: 519-265-2956

Hi! I’m Taylor Seiling, the GoWylde Team’s Client Concierge – and the son of Tanya, who does the amazing staging for the GoWylde Team.

I make sure all of our clients’ needs are taken care of and lend a helping hand to all team members during the process. Since the GoWylde Team always goes above and beyond for their clients, there’s always a lot to do!

I love to spend my time helping people get ready for their next adventure, whether they’re selling or buying a new home.

When I’m not at work, you can find me with my family and friends, playing sports, and going on car rides to relax.

I’m really looking forward to learning all of the ins and outs of real estate from the GoWylde Team and eventually receiving my real estate license to serve clients even better!

Taylor Seiling

Alarm Clock:

My first alarm goes off at 8am to get me slightly awake, and then I actually get up at my second alarm for 8:15 to then leave for 8:30.

My Perfect Day:

Being able to sleep in, having a big breakfast or brunch with some friends and family, going out to go play sports with friends, then going out for dinner at a nice place and finishing the night off with a movie. 

First Job:

Working for a turkey farm picking up the turkeys and collecting eggs. 

Super Hero Power:

Having super speed so I could get to places faster. 

Favourite Restaurant:

Empress of India. 

GoWylde Is:

A great hard working team that I'm lucky to be a part of!

My One Word:


Inner Animal:


How I Unwind:

Going on car rides with friends.