Kaitlyn Goodfellow, Office Manager

Office: 519-826-7109 | Fax: 519-265-2956

Hi! I’m Kaitlyn Goodfellow, the office manager on the GoWylde team. I take care of a lot of the behind the scenes things that happen around here, and do everything I can to make sure all our clients have the best real estate experience possible. I graduated Georgian College with Honours and have my fair share of experience in property management.

The Spirit Award I won in high school is a pretty good indicator of my overall enthusiasm, and working on a team like this really lets that shine. My biggest challenge is waking up in the morning–I’m definitely not a morning person–but knowing I’m headed to a fun, relaxed place to work makes it easier.

Kaitlyn Goodfellow, office manage

Alarm Clock:

Goes off at 7:00AM–after hitting snooze 10 times.

My Perfect Day:

A spa and shopping day.

First Job:

M&M Meat Shop.

Super Hero Power:

Time travel.

Favourite Restaurant:

The Keg.


Ellen DeGeneres.

GoWylde Is:

A SUPER fun and relaxed place to work!

My One Word:


Inner Animal:

Giraffe (might have to do with the long legs).

How I Unwind: