Thanksgiving Dinner spread

A Different Take on Thanksgiving Dinner


Over the last decade or so, our preference for open concept living has increased. When I take Buyer’s through homes with a traditional living room, dining room, den options, the first question is usually…” which of these walls are load-bearing?”. Most people want to rip out the walls, add a nice big island and have one grand room.

Which, is fantastic, however, as our tastes in how to live have changed, our tastes in how to entertain, have not necessarily kept up. If you are like me, you are still trying to have your traditional family holiday meals, in your non-traditional, dining room-less,  style house. 

I think it’s time to change it up. The menu needs revamping. One of my last family gatherings centered around the adoption of a new member of our family (Froso, the Greek street dog).  Instead of making a full sit-down dinner, probably because it wasn’t Christmas or Thanksgiving, I decided to try something new. 

Our entire meal was appetizer style, and it was so enjoyable. We all fit nicely in the living space, and as we were able to pre-make everything, my husband and I were able to spend more time enjoying everyone’s company and I think everyone went home feeling full. So, I got to thinking about how I can take this into traditional Holiday events. 

Here is my Thanksgiving menu for this year: 

– Turkey-stuffed, bite-sized Yorkshire pudding with a gravy dip.

Turkey-stuffed, bite-sized Yorkshire pudding

-Ham and pineapple rolls

 ham and pineapple rolls

-Vegetable skewers including carrots, snow peas, cauliflower,  mash potato spoons, and mini roasted potatoes on a sticks

Vegetable skewers

I will be able to pre-make everything and keep it all hot on warming trays, then, when it’s time to eat, I can just move the trays over to the coffee table – NO cutlery required. No-one needs to move, and even better, there is no kids table, so everyone can spend the holiday dinner, as one group! 

If you have any comments or thoughts on any other traditional items that can be turned into finger food, let us know!

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