Best Types of Homes To Flip



Choosing the style of home is very important. Certain types of homes are easier & more profitable to flip. We have a couple of favorite types of homes to flip.

Side Split

The reason we love these homes is they are pretty easy to open up the kitchen, living room and dining room.  Allowing you to easily create a spectacular open living space perfect for entertaining.   You can add an island between the kitchen living room giving the space some definition but still being wide open. If you need a supporting post it is easy to tie it into the corner of the island.


We love bungalows! Especially the ones with the side door to the basement or back door with stairs going into the kitchen and the basement.  These are perfect for making a legal basement apartment.

4 level Back Split

These are also great for creating a two-unit house where both apartments would have fairly equal living spaces.  Accessory apartments are in such high demand due to the prices of homes going up as well as interest rates. It can make a home a lot more affordable for first-time buyers. If you are going for the two unit flip you want to make sure the basement has the correct height, in Guelph this is 6ft 2 inches.  You can add egress windows but you can’t change the height of the basement. Also, make sure the driveway is double wide or can be made into a double wide driveway.

These are a couple of my favorite type of homes to successfully flip.

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