Checklist for Buying a Home

Checklist for Buying a Home

Buying a house is an exciting experience, especially if one is buying a house for the first time. Purchasing a house is a big decision in a person’s life, and it involves a huge financial investment. Coming up with the decision of which house to buy may be hectic, and one needs to be very keen to avoid frustrations. Buying a house is not an easy decision, and it is, therefore, wise to take time and avoid being carried away by emotions. People who rush in often end up buying a house that does not meet their expectations, and sometimes they end up losing money on their investment. The following tips are vital when buying a house, and one should consider them in their checklist.

1. Financial status

The first and most crucial thing in the checklist is the finances, and how much one is ready to spend to acquire that home. The amount of money one has is key in determining the type of house one can afford, and in some cases, it determines the location. It is vital to ensure that one has a clear financial plan. One should consider the interest rates and other charges that that lender may impose to avoid having expensive payments.

2. Location of a house

Location of a house is an important thing to keep in mind. The neighbours and the environment that surrounds the house one intends to purchase is crucial. Be sure of the security of a place and other issues like how noisy is the neighbourhood. Be sure the area is not infested with pests, rodents and is free from flooding or other calamities.

3. Social amenities

It is essential to consider the availability of basic social amenities like schools, hospitals, markets, and other facilities that one needs daily. Acquiring a house in an area where such amenities are not available may prove to be very hectic and stressful. If a person has children, one should look for a house where the schools and hospitals are very close.

4. The structural soundness of a house

One should avoid a house with serious structural issues that may result in huge repair bills as well as risky to the people living in the house. Be sure the walls, floors, staircases, doors and windows are in good condition and the roofs is not leaking. One should also seek the services of an insured and licensed professional to inspect and give confirmation of the safety status of a house. If the house needs minor repairs, a person should factor in the cost of such repairs.

5. Utilities check

One should carry good inspection to ensure all the utilities such as water, electricity, heating etc. in the house are working and in good conditions to avoid breakdown which bring unplanned expenses.

6. Number of rooms and their configurations

It is essential to ensure that a person buys a house with enough rooms that are well configured to cater to all the needs. A house with rooms which are far apart may not be ideal for a person with children because one may not be comfortable with their children’s room being far away or on a different floor.

There may be more things that a person may include in the checklist when buying a house. However, the key issue is to ensure one buys a house that meets expectations and needs. One should make due diligence in inspecting a house and research the market price of the area.

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