Condo Neigbour

Dont Be THAT Neighbour | Condo Edition

When living in a condo you are sharing walls and common spaces with your neighbours meaning you have to be more aware of how your lifestyle impacts the other residents. Nobody wants to be THAT neighbour that everyone has an issue with. Here are some things to avoid doing:

Noise Levels: Avoid blaring music, yelling or having the TV on full volume. If you have a dog that loves to bark (like mine) then you should possibly reconsider condo living.

Bad Odours: Be cautious of bad odour coming from your unit from pets, smoking or cooking.

Pets: Dont allow them to run loose in common areas or poo on the lawn without cleaning it up. If your pet is aggressive take extra caution when walking them through common areas.

Garage/Common Areas: Clean up after yourself! Dont leave cigarette butts outside, junk mail or garbage in the common areas.

Personal Items: Dont leave your lawn furniture, kids toys, etc in the common areas.

Shared Laundry: Dont leave your clothes in the machines for hours

Rentals: Many owners dont appreciate when you Airbnb your unit. Some building have completely banned Airbnbs. Make sure you vet your renters thoroughly and ensure they will be respectful.

Follow these tips & you should well be on your way to making friends rather than enemies in your condo!

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