Guelph is a stop on the high-speed railway

Guelph is a stop on the high-speed railway from Toronto to Windsor!

A high-speed railway is defined as a train that operates at or above 250/km on dedicated track. Compared to the 80-160km/h for a long-distance passenger rail. They are currently in the preliminary planning stagings. They are aiming to complete phase 1 in 2025. This phase consists of: Toronto → Pearson Airport/Malton → Guelph → Kitchener-Waterloo → London. The following phase (London → Chatham → Windsor) is to be completed in 2031.

Guelph is a stop on the high-speed railway


From Guelph the estimated journey time to: 

Toronto Union: 39 Minutes

Pearson Airport/Malton: 23 Minutes

Kitchener-Waterloo: 9 Minutes

London: 34 Minutes

Chatham: 63 Minutes

Windsor: 85 minutes

This is going to make Guelph a hot spot for commuters in the years to come. Guelph is home to the University of Guelph, has strong manufacturing & government job sector, has a low unemployment rate & was ranked the 3rd best city in Canada for millennials to live. Once completed this will make Guelph an even more appealing place for commuters. If you are an investor who is on the fence about purchasing in Guelph, now might be the right time before prices increase as the railway reaches completion.

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Rail Photo: The Star

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