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At some point in most homeowner’s lives, there comes a time where they can move on from one property to bigger and better things. Taking that step on the property ladder is exciting, and we love helping people find a home that better suits their new set of needs, budgets, and desires.

Here are a few things to think about if you’re looking to upgrade soon:

What’s your financial situation?
Upgrading can be a tricky process because no one wants to be forced to carry both home mortgages. Unfortunately, it can happen, so it’s smart to be financially prepared for any outcome. You don’t want to buy a new home out of desperation, take less for your house than you should, or get yourself into a bad financial situation.

How unique is the property you’re interested in?
The way a buyer makes a house a home is definitely unique, but if there are quite a few houses you’re interested in that are relatively the same, then don’t jump in before you’re ready. You have the luxury of selling first, and choosing from a plethora of houses after. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind house, or have specific housing needs, then it’s smart to buy before you sell so you don’t lose out on the right property.

What’s the local market like?
What are the houses down the street selling for? Are they going quickly? If it’s a seller’s market, or you have a highly sought-after property, then you can buy first. Lucky for you, a hot property can sell within days, giving you the upper hand.

Our dedicated buyer’s agents and seller’s agents know the market and have the pricing strategies to move you along. We always make sure that you don’t get stuck owning two homes, or with no home to go to. We’ll be able to assess your exact situation and make sure we put the strategy in place that will best suit your needs.


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