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Selling an estate property isn’t your everyday real estate transaction. It can be challenging for some, and it can be hard for a seller to even know where to start. Our expert team has helped plenty of people in this exact situation, and will walk you through the process with ease.

There are plenty of things to think about when you’re an executor in charge of selling a property. Here are a few common questions on how to sell an estate, and the expert answers that will help guide you.

What do I do with the contents?
Sorting through belongings can be hard enough, but sorting through someone else’s belongings can be even harder. You never know what pieces are treasured and waiting for inheritance, and what to throw out or donate. We have plenty of experience helping sellers address these issues, and will help you from the very beginning. We have trusted connections with local auctioneers, consignment shops, and charities to make the process even easier.

How do I sell a vacant home?
The truth is, only 10% of buyers can visualize what an empty home will look like with furniture. And although less can be more, in this case, it’s just not true. A vacant room actually looks smaller than a professionally staged one. Having said that, selling a house with dated furniture or a house that’s cluttered isn’t a good idea either. Luckily, we have a full-time stager that works exclusively with our team who will make sure the property is brought to its full potential.

If the house you’re selling is going to be left vacant, our team will do regular weekly check-ups to ensure that everything is fine at the house. We also have great connections for property maintenance and snow removal, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Who can help?
First and foremost: Us! We consider our team to be so much more than just the GoWylde team. We have a local network of professionals to help in every step of the selling process. From auctioneers and junk removal services, to renovation specialists and lawyers, we put you in touch with good, reliable help.

We know you have so many more questions. You’re probably wondering when the best time to sell is, or if you should sell the estate before or after probate. To give you the best possible answer it’s best to get together and look at your specific circumstance. That way, we have a better understanding of your situation, and can put a strategy in place that best suits your needs.

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