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Should I buy a house with a pool or install my own?


If a buying a house with a pool is on your “must have” list when purchasing your next you have some options to consider. The biggest one being: Are you better to buy a house that already has a pool or to buy a house with a large backyard and put your own pool in?

From a financial standpoint, you’re much better to buy a house that already has a pool in it. This is because pools have a fairly low return on investment. If someone puts in a pool for $80,000, they’d be lucky to get $40,000 back out of it when selling. Meaning you are getting a discount when buying a house that already has a pool.

However, if you have a very specific vision for what you want &  that’s more important than saving some money, then, by all means, buy a house with a big property and put exactly what you want in the backyard. But just know that you’re doing this for your own enjoyment and not necessarily to get a return on your investment.

Therefore, the answer to “Should I buy a house with a pool or install my own?” really depends on the specific situation. If you are planning on enjoying the backyard for many years & don’t mind if miss out on some money then installing your own pool is the way to go. But if you are only planning on staying in the home for a short while or don’t deal with the hassle of installing a pool then buying a home that already has one is a good financial decision.

If you have any questions about buying or selling a property with a pool please reach out to us at the GoWylde team.

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