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Should You List Your House in Winter, or Should You Wait Until Spring?


It is freezing cold in the Winter! Who would want to be out in -20 degree weather looking for a house?! 

People that NEED to buy.  It could be because:

  • They are relocating due to a new job.
  • They have already sold their home and need to purchase before the closing date.
  • They are busting at the seams and need a larger home asap!
  • They were injured and need to downsize to a house with no stairs.

Buyers that are looking in the Winter generally are facing some sort of deadline. You may not get as many showings, but the people that are coming through are typically more qualified and serious. That is just one of the advantages of listing your house in the Winter.

There are several others such as:

  • January and February are the leading months for switching jobs. Therefore a lot of people are relocating during these months. They are typically on a tight deadline and are eager to get settled in before they start their new job.
  • The majority of sellers will wait until the Spring or summer months to list their home, therefore there is less competition in the winter. During the Spring tons of new houses are coming on the market each day allowing buyers to get picky.
  • Contractors, handymen services are promptly available & at lower costs. During the Spring and summer, you can be waiting weeks to get a contractor in to get your house ready.
  • Access to loans is greater at the beginning of the year, therefore, loans can be processed quicker & buyers are more readily deemed qualified.
  • Viewings will be fewer and less intrusive, however, it will consist of more motivated, qualified buyers.

So, should you list your house in Winter, or should you wait until Spring? It really depends on the how unique your home is & your personal deadline, and needs. Contact us here for an in-home evaluation.  We can help you determine when is the best time to sell your home!

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