Jacqueline Wylde, Marketing Designer & Licensed Agent

Office: 519-826-7109 | Fax: 519-265-2956

Hi! I’m Jacqueline Wylde. As you can probably tell, I’m another born-Wylde part of the team. I’ve been in the real estate industry for a couple of years now, but have heard all about it from my mom for much longer. If you asked me what I wanted to be when I was eight years old, I would’ve said Veterinarian; I’m an animal lover, and that hasn’t changed–one of my biggest challenges is going to a pet store and not buying all of the puppies. Well, that, and getting my winged eyeliner even.

I studied Business Communication at Brock University, and joined the family business after filling in for an employee for a couple of days, soon becoming a permanent part of the troupe. As the marketing designer, I’m focused on the social side of the business: sharing the latest real estate tips, housing trends, and our favourite listings across social media. Exposure is key to a successful sale, and I know just how to make it happen. The GoWylde voice is a familiar and trusted one, and I make sure it’s heard loud and clear.

Jacqueline Wylde, marketing designer

Alarm Clock:

My phone...after I hit snooze five times.

My Perfect Day:

Hanging out on the lake with my friends & puppy.

First Job:

Welder at a car factory....I lasted an entire 7 days.

Super Hero Power:

Teleporting. I could be in California one minute & Austrailia the next.

Favourite Restaurant:

Beertown. I love their burgers & atmosphere! Also, a big fan of State & Main.


Blair Waldorf or Beyoncé.

GoWylde Is:


My One Word:

Apparently “indecisive” because I couldn’t pick one.

Inner Animal:

Sloth, because I like to take naps.

How I Unwind:

A bottle of wine, friends & Netflix…but mostly wine.