Kaitlyn Goodfellow, Inside Sales

Office: 519-826-7109 | Cell: 519-546-2426 | Fax: 519-265-2956

Hi! I’m Kaitlyn Goodfellow, the Inside Sales Representative for the GoWylde Team. I make sure that all our potential buyers get the information requested on homes in their area and keep them up to date with what is happening in the current market. It is my job to make sure that when the perfect home comes up that matches a client’s criteria, they know about it right away.

I graduated Georgian College with Honours for Executive Office Administration and have my fair share of experience in property management.

The Spirit Award I won in high school is a pretty good indicator of my overall enthusiasm, and working on a team like this really lets that shine. My biggest challenge is waking up in the morning–I’m definitely not a morning person–but knowing I’m headed to a fun, relaxed place to work makes it easier.

Kaitlyn Goodfellow, office manage

Alarm Clock:

Goes off at 7:00AM–after hitting snooze 10 times.

My Perfect Day:

A spa and shopping day.

First Job:

M&M Meat Shop.

Super Hero Power:

Time travel.

Favourite Restaurant:

The Keg.


Ellen DeGeneres.

GoWylde Is:

A SUPER fun and relaxed place to work!

My One Word:


Inner Animal:

Giraffe (might have to do with the long legs).

How I Unwind: