Lynn Wylde, Sales Representative - WyldeOne

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When I was five, I had decided that when I grew up I was going to live in my parent’s backyard and raise puppies. To date, this dream has not been realized!

Instead of the free-loading and puppy raising that I had envisioned, I had a career in media and technology sales, in Toronto.  A few years ago, I took a time-out, to take care of my parents. When it was time to go back to work, I found that I wanted to use my marketing and business development skills in a way that would be more fulfilling for me and provide a useful service. I wanted to pull together all of my work experience, including all that I learned while caring for my parents and downsizing my Dad.

When I was given the opportunity to join my family’s; GoWylde Real Estate Team, I jumped at the chance to join such a successful team and to be able to work with people that I love and trust.   In order to meet my goals, and incorporate all of my different life and work experience into my career, I decided that my niche would be to help people transitioning into more manageable spaces and retirement facilities. I really like the fact that our team can offer support even before someone has decided to move, by simply helping to put together a plan.

I love my job.  It is very rewarding to help people make the moves that they need to, in order to live a better/safer life and maintain their independence. I proudly received the RE/MAX 100% Club Award. 

…and, when I retire, many years from now, and have helped hundreds of my fellow Guelphites to move/transition and downsize, I still aspire to a backyard/house filled with lots of dogs!

Lynn Wylde

Alarm Clock:

Electric current. I am a heavy sleeper.

My Perfect Day:

A sunny day a cottage on the lake with my husband and my labrador

First Job:

I did demo work for a promotional company. i.e. demo dolly for Bradley sportscars, department store perfume girl, corporate cheerleader, etc.

Super Hero Power:

I don’t know if it’s a super power exactly, but I would like to be able to heal illness and injury with the wave of my hand.

Favourite Restaurant:

Oste Pazzo Restaurant and Pizzeria, Naples, Italy. The pizza was the best!


My Family.

GoWylde Is:

Successful. Service. Commitment. Growth. Opportunity. Charitable. Guelph. Family.

My One Word:

I have two; clearly and obviously. i.e. Clearly, the bag of Cheesies is open…so obviously, I will be eating them!

Inner Animal:

Apparently, I’m a penguin.

How I Unwind:

Good food and good wine and time with my friends and family…or if I’m in a less social mood, a hot bath and a good book.