Too Many Clauses in an Offer

Too Many Clauses in an Offer


When putting an offer in on a property, it’s important for a Realtor to put in the clauses that will protect the buyer. Although some Realtors go overboard and they put every possible clause in the offer. They even put clauses in the offer that are already in the pre-printed form.

So what’s the problem with that? When the seller looks at the offer and sees all these clauses, they think, “oh, the buyer, they’re so detailed, they’re so picky.” I can’t tell you how many times a seller has said to me, “oh, these buyers, they seem like they’re going to be really difficult to deal with.”

You don’t want the sellers to have a negative impression of you as the buyer, so it’s really important that your realtor puts in the clauses that protect you but doesn’t put in too many that scare the seller.

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