What to do After Your Home Inspection

What to do After Your Home Inspection



Have you ever wondered after a home inspection if you should walk away from the deal? I want to share, how to deal with your offer after the report comes in.

For the most part, a home inspection will provide you with opportunities to improve the property that you’re about to purchase. It will help you to learn how the mechanics of your house function, and how maintenance will keep things in good working order.

A report will often point out a number of small things that would be found in most homes. These are things that you typically accept as the new home buyer. Issues that you may not want to, or be able to, accept could include. Wiring that is not up to code, structural issues with the home, plumbing, well, or septic issues, asbestos in the insulation or flooring, evidence of flooding, or poor air quality.

As we all know everything is fixable, so when to walk is really determined by your budget. How much the change will enhance your future resale. Also how much downtime it will take to make the change after closing.

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