What You Need To Know About Termite Zones in Guelph

What You Need To Know About Termite Zones in Guelph



Did you know we have termite zones in Guelph? In fact, they’re colored. Red means there’s active termites, or there has recently been active termites. Blue means you’re adjacent to a termite zone. Click here to view the Guelph’s termite zones. 

But in Guelph, we have a very excellent termite management program. What the city does, is they actually put traps in your backyard to detect if there are any termites.

They also educate the homeowners on what they need to do to prevent them. One of the things that you shouldn’t do is putting wood on the soil up near your house. Also, if one of your trees die, the city will come and inspect it before it’s disposed of. Call 519-837-5614 to schedule an inspection! Present the field report to waive tipping fees for the first 500 pounds. Click here for some tips on preventing termites.

So should you buy a home in the termite zone? Well, actually I think it’s actually riskier to buy a home outside the termite zone. Because at least within the termite zone, the termites are detected way before they would ever get into your house. In fact, I have purchased in the termite zone, and I found that when I went to resell, it did not affect the resale value at all. It may require a bit more paperwork, but don’t let it scare you away from a perfectly good home. Some of the nicest streets in Guelph are in the termite zone or have been in the termite zone. When selling you can book a termite inspection through the city of Guelph to present to prospective buyers to help ease their minds.

I’m Mary Wylde and if you have any questions about termite zones in Guelph, please comment below or contact us.

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