Why Solar Energy is the Way To Go

Why Solar Energy is the Way To Go

Power bills are currently on the rise in many homes and commercial premises due to the increase in the use of energy. Almost everything at home uses electricity ranging from home appliances, security and landscape lights, and also house decorations.
Even though we can save money with led landscape lights since they have relatively much lower energy costs than regular lights, they still have a tendency to contribute to energy consumption. As the demand for more electricity and fossil energy increase, so is the cost of producing and supplying the needed energy. Globally the need for green and renewable energy is gaining popularity due to lower costs associated with its use. Solar energy is increasingly becoming the choice of many people due to the benefits that come with its use. For a person who is not sure whether to go for solar energy, here are the reasons why solar energy is the best choice.

1. Environmental friendly

Solar energy is one of the best ways of reducing carbon emissions, which is harmful to the environment as solar is a major source of clean green energy. Solar power does not release any harmful substances to the environment, unlike other sources of energy like fossil oil, which emit harmful gases. A solar installation is safe and easy, and it provides a self- sufficient form of energy. Since solar energy is environmentally friendly, its use promotes the sustainability of wildlife as well as maintaining a green ecosystem.

2. Lowering the cost of electricity bills

Electricity bills take the biggest share of all monthly expenses to both home and business owners, and solar installation is key to lowering energy cost. Solar panels produce energy for free, and the panels may have a longer life cycle of up to 30 years. The initial cost of installing solar energy may be higher; however, the cost saved is high in the long run. Solar panels need no other cost for it to continue generating power, and there is
no or less maintenance cost.

3. Independence from grid

Relaying much on non-renewable energy such as oil, natural gas, and goal results in some challenges as these forms of energy are at risk of depletion. Cases of a power outage due to natural calamities are high, and as a result, people end up without power for days. Solar energy is a better source of energy as it provides a reliable source which is not affected by energy failure cases. What a person needs is back up for storing energy, mostly batteries, and a person can go off the grid for a longer period.

4. Add value to a property

Since people are going for houses and business properties with solar energy, a property with solar panel increase the market value. The rate of selling a house with solar energy is higher even in areas where there is stiff competition as people would prefer these properties over properties with the traditional source of energy. Many real estate investors are installing solar panels to their properties to make the properties fetch higher prices hence increasing their profits. To make the property more valuable, one should ensure the solar panel is capable of providing enough power for the cooling system, heating, and lighting and hot water.

5. Easier and convenient to use

Solar energy is easier to use as its technology is not complex, and there are fewer requirements to use as compared to the use of electricity. The supply of traditional energy like natural gas or electricity set the regulations and the requirements one needs to get the supply of energy; however, with solar energy, there are no such conditions. The cost of meeting the set requirements are higher as one needs to put in place the infrastructure needed for installation but with solar energy, one eliminates such cost. Solar energy can be installed in any property anywhere, and it is also easier to move the solar panels to another place unlike the other form of energy.

Solar energy is the future, and as the world is moving toward this form of energy. Solar energy is easier to harness from the sun, and if a person has a good backup for storing this energy, a person can enjoy the use of solar energy even in times with less sunlight. Sunlight is available in any part of the globe, and therefore a person can use the solar energy at any place as compared to other types of energy which may be unavailable in some parts. With all the cost and environmental benefits, solar energy is the way to go.

Written by: Monica Gibson

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