Downtown Guelph

Why We Love Downtown Guelph



The downtown core is one of the most fun and trendy neighborhoods that you can live in in the city of Guelph. You’re walking distance to tons of restaurants, shops, and a really good nightlife. About five years ago, they started developing several large, high-end condominium developments right in the downtown core, and that not only led to the increased population in downtown, but also a much higher demand for much nicer shops and restaurants, such as La Cucina, Buon Gusto, Bin23, Miijidaa, and many more that I can’t even name them all in this video.

The one other really great thing about the downtown core is all of the restaurants and bars are located in about a one-and-a-half block radius, so it’s really easy to go to several different places in one night. In 2012, they added the transit hub to downtown Guelph, with the GO Train that commutes into Toronto. By 2025, we’re gonna have direct routes to Toronto within 45 minutes, and Pearson Airport within 35 minutes, making it a lot quicker to take the train than actually drive.

For the houses in the downtown core, we’ve got a good mix of older century homes, stone cottages, as well as some older buildings that have been converted into trendy lofts and some newer, high-end condominium development. There’s lots of beautiful architecture, such as the Church of Our Lady, and many old stone buildings in the downtown core. There’s a really good mix of people. You’ve got young families, young couples, as well as empty nesters. It’s a really fantastic place to live. With all of the new development and increased commutability in the downtown core, I think we’re gonna see it completely transform.

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