Old University - Guelph

Why We Love Old University

Old University is a neighborhood filled with character, charm, and history. The University of Guelph is situated on a 1,017-acre property. Much of it is a lush arboretum. Some of the buildings at the university are over 150 years old and are beautiful limestone. The university was formed in 1964 with the amalgamation of the Ontario Veterinarian College, the Ontario Agricultural College, and the Macdonald Institute.

Also in this neighborhood is one of my favorite ice cream shops, The Boathouse. It also has a really quaint tea room where you can order lunch. In the summer months, you can rent kayaks and canoes and paddle on the Speed River. The Boathouse structure was built in the 1930s. It makes a really unique place to hold a meeting or have an event. There’s a wide mix of people that live in Old University area. With the proximity to the university, there are many students and professors that choose to live in this area. There are also some large estate properties with magnificent homes and a lot of the infilled lots have recently been used to build more modern homes.

If you’re interested in shopping in this area, it is also the home to Stone Road Mall. Also on Stone Road, there are many of the large chain restaurants and big box stores. This area is also close to downtown with the boutiques and the trendy restaurants. Centrally located, Old University is considered one of Guelph’s finer neighborhoods.

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