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When is the best time to sell a home with beautiful landscaping?


If you have beautiful gardens you are probably thinking the best time to sell your house is in the summer! When the gardens are blooming, and there are tons of leaves on the trees making your backyard look really nice and private.

The only problem with that is most buyers move into their new house in the summer. Meaning they are buying them in the spring.  Your thinking “Spring?! The grass & gardens don’t look good that time of year?”  Don’t worry you can still sell your house in the early spring!


What can I do to help showcase my beautiful backyard in Spring?

What you want to do is:

  • Do an early cleanup of your yard so people can see the hardscaping (the patios and where your gardens are.)
  • You can mulch your gardens so they look really nice and fresh.
  • You also can stage your outdoor area early with your patio furniture so people will get an idea of the lifestyle of your backyard in the summer.
  • Dig up some of those summer pictures so you can put them in your listing. You can also print them off and place them on the kitchen counter.
    • Not selling for a couple years? Some of our clients get professional photos of their backyard in Summer when they know they are planning on selling the following Winter / Spring.

You are more likely to get more money for your home in Spring when the majority of people are buying.

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