how to make your condo look bigger

Living in a condo with a small square footage? Here are some design tricks & tips to make your condo appear larger than it actually is.

Design Tricks To Make Your Condo Look Larger

Light Colours: Paint your walls a light colour & pick light flooring. This will reflect the light making the space look larger. 

Mirrors: Another light trick is using lots of mirrors. Not only are they a great decorative piece, but they also reflect the light/view tricking the eye into perceiving the space as larger. The best placement is across from a window. 

Multi-Use: Utilize furniture with hidden storage such as ottomans with storage space to put extra pillows and blankets. Multi-use furniture is also a great space saver. For example this coffee table that doubles as a desk

Keep a low profile: Furniture with low profiles will make a space seem roomier since it leave more wall space above the item. 

Legs: Buy furniture pieces with legs allowing visual space below the furniture piece. 

Leave Space: Don’t push furniture right up against the wall & create walking pathways. You may be tempted to make use of those extra inches, but leaving the extra space creates the illusion of spaciousness. If you are bumping into furniture when trying to walk it will make the space seem claustrophobic. 

Vertical Space: Hang shelves near the ceiling to draw the eye upward. This also takes advantage of vertical storage

Large/Simple Decor: Use fewer/larger decorative pieces. You are better to do a large vase than a bunch of smaller items. Multiple small items make the space seem cluttered. If you are going to bundle your decor limit it to grouping of 3 or 5. 

Curtains: Hang your curtains at the top of the ceiling instead of above the window making the ceiling seem higher & the window seem large. Or better yet leave your window uncovered to create more light & depth. 

Clear/Dainty Items: Use glass, lucite or dainty pieces of furniture. It will make the space seem larger since the items don’t take up much visual space. 

Hope you enjoyed this tips & tricks. Comment below if we missed any!

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