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What Our Clients Have To Say | Emily D


We listed in July and our house needed some minor repairs and painting. The GoWylde Team was able to set up a stager and services for us. Everyone was very professional and took great care of our home. At the end, it looked amazing, and they were able to successfully sell our house.

When we were first meeting with Brad and Mary, Mary had a great idea. I have two girls and packing the toys was always a difficult part of it. How do we do this and maintain a house? Mary had the great idea of having a box for them and they could decorate and they could have a lot of their toys that they use around the house in the box and it made them more of a family-friendly approach to the whole thing in including our girls as well.

As stressful as it is to sell a house, especially to look for a house, we used GoWylde on both ends. I was very happy with the whole process. They were always accessible to us as well via emails. It seems like their name is everywhere in Guelph. When I needed Brad and Mary for a question, they were always available and seemed like we were the only clients, because they would respond to us very quickly, which would ease us in all this stressful time of selling and also purchasing a home at the same time.

I would thank them personally for all their hard work, especially the whole team. I know a lot of the girls at the desk would call us and book into us and even their phone calls to me to book in a showing, they were very personal and checking on how I was doing an how the girls were doing as well, and I don’t know of any other team that would actually reach out and do that for you.

I highly recommend using the GoWylde Team for both the sale and the purchase of your home. They have been wonderful and a great team and service to use.

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