Tips on Throwing a Super Bowl Party!

The Super Bowl is quickly approaching! Only a few days until the big game. It’s time to start planning for the Wylde’s third annual Super Bowl party! Here are some of our tips on throwing a great Superbowl party.

Have lots & lots of snacks! Here are some of our favorites:

Taco dip is alwaaays a crowd pleaser & a super bowl must for us! Everyone makes it differently, but it is essentially shredded cheese, cream cheese, sour cream, salsa, taco powder, lettuce & pepper mixed into a delicious spread! (Calories don’t count on the super bowl, right?)

Loaded Potatoe Skins. We can guarantee these will all be eaten before half-time.

Chili,   lasagna, or  wings  are good for absorbing all the beverages being consumed!

Sweet tooth? Check out some of these themed desserts!

Don’t feel like cooking? You can’t go wrong with chips & pizza!

When it comes to the super bowl beer will usually do the trick. But, game day themed cocktails are more fun!

Patriots Tea Party Punch. Click here for the recipe!

Fly Like an Eagle-Tini. Click here for the recipe!

Games are a great way to keep guest entertain!

Cheers, enjoy the game!


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Source: Jen Reviews

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