Client Testimonials


“We knew about the GoWylde Team just from living in Guelph for ten years. Their signs are everywhere.

– We certainly felt right from the beginning from the very first meeting that we were in good hands and that he had a really good handle on, not only the market in Guelph but just even our neighborhood, right? Like he really was well prepared.

– Yeah, I think that’s one of the big things,

– Yeah.

– We weren’t just hiring Brad we were hiring an entire team.

– Yeah.

– They all have different ranges of expertise and really we worked with quite a bit of their team throughout the process and it helped not having to just rely on one person you have a whole group of people working for you.

– The way he evaluates homes, I think, he had just, had a really good handle on you know, he understands houses, he understands interiors and architecture and he was taking all those things into account when walking through our home and just placing our house in the correct price range. We didn’t want to price ourselves out of the market and we didn’t want to undervalue our home either. And we felt really confident that he was going to handle that really well and we felt like we were in really good hands throughout the whole process.

– The ease of the whole process with the Wylde team was amazing.

– Yeah.

– Everything from the initial setup of the listing, having professional photographers come in and shoot our house, which was a nice surprise.

– Mm-hmm.

– Like I said earlier the level of knowledge and expertise that Brad and Mary have.

– Yeah.

– Were really superior compared to others that we had met and just everything being streamlined to the point where if someone wanted to look at our house, it was an online request and we would accept or deny that request online and it just made everything easy. We didn’t have to immediately call somebody or talk to somebody on the phone. It was very, very straightforward.

– And we also feel that they won’t just use the typical cookie-cutter sales technique to sell your home which was really impressive to us is because they gear your house towards the correct demographic and towards the correct market. So you’re not just advertising your home across the board and then you have people looking at your home that are not you know looking at your price range or your kind of like your lifestyle or that kind of caliber of house so they really gear the marketing towards the correct demographic and I feel like that really helped.

– Definitely.

– Yeah, we felt really confident that they will sell our home and they did!

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