– My name is Donna, this is my husband John. We were introduced to the Go Wylde team by our daughter and son-in-law and then we called Mary and Brad to our house and interviewed them and we liked them right away.

– They were personable, they had a business model that I thought was going to work for us. It was a little bit different, I think, than many realtors. They had people with very specific jobs to do and many of the realtors are up by themselves I think they’ve got way too much to do. I like the fact that everybody had a job, a specific thing to do and that showed up during our entire process.

– First, we met Lynn, and Lynn was the person who took us all around to all of our houses.

– That was her job, she was to find us a house.

– And she was excellent. And I was feeling sort of guilty that we were calling and going to so many houses and this didn’t fit, this didn’t fit, and she said, that’s my job, that’s my job, that’s what I do.

– And Mary and Brad got involved with sitting down and establishing a price point and a marketing strategy, where they were going to market, who they were going to market, and that was set up for us.

– And they had put a sign up, coming soon, which was sort of nice, so everybody knew that our house was going for sale. Then they had the stagers come in and transformed our house. They made it look absolutely gorgeous. So we didn’t want to move .

– They did a lot of things well. I am big on communication and I really get annoyed with anybody I’m doing business with, if I don’t get a call back or an email and I’m supposed to be getting that. And I can’t think of one instance where we didn’t hear back from Brad or Mary almost instantaneously, either with a phone call, or a quite often an email. We had a quick question, and before I finished typing, there’s the answer right there. And that was literally a hundred percent of the time. So that said to me, they’re looking out for our interests. I don’t have to hound them for something. So that was a big thing for me.

– One thing that I really liked was how many office staff they had. Both Mary and Brad told us the reason they had all this staff was because it was their responsibility to get a house ready, to sell a house and you could see that that’s what they did, they sold the houses and everybody else did all of their jobs, paperwork and just everything that needed to be done so Mary and Brad didn’t have to do that.

– It seems like a very well-oiled machine. Everybody’s got their part and maybe we were just lucky, but it worked really, really well for us.

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