What Our Clients Have To Say | Ashley & Arjun

What Our Clients Have To Say | Ashley & Arjun


Ashley – We actually met the GoWylde team through Arjun’s boss.

Arjun – Yeah, our boss did some work with Trish and then introduced us.

Ashley – I liked our realtor, Trish, was from Guelph, so she’s familiar with a lot of the neighborhoods and had some insight into what exactly we were looking for as well.

Arjun – We were scrambling for the first one, just trying to find a place. We looked at a lot of places. She was really patient with us, showed us a lot of different things in the city ’cause we were new to Guelph. She was really helpful and then the second time around, it was kind of her again putting up with us when we weren’t sure what we wanted, dipping our toes into the water. And then finally deciding on something and acting really quickly and her giving us the tip to make an offer or else we wouldn’t get it. we’re really happy that we did. Yeah, and then on top of it, just helping us rent out our other place. We managed to keep our second place and then the whole team helped us rent out the other place really quickly. We had one showing and got it rented out almost immediately.

Ashley – Yeah, it really made it seamless. We wanted to keep our first property and first-time renters, landlords. So it really helped to have one core team to help us rent out our old house and find the new one, it was great.

Arjun – We recommend Trish and the GoWylde team because of their knowledge of the area, their support, their flexibility, their friendliness.

Ashley – Yeah, the online portal was great for us. We really liked that of the GoWylde team and their responsiveness. Trish showed us houses morning, noon and night, honestly. So the availability was great as well. We had a great experience finding two homes with the GoWylde team and would definitely recommend their services to anyone else looking for a house.

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