What Our Clients Have To Say | Deborah D’Antonio

“I got to know Mary and Brad a few years ago, because I had them come in and do an inquiry about selling my home. At that time, I decided not to do it, and then, this year, when I decided I was ready to do it, I just gave them a call again.

I was a little uncertain about somebody coming and staging my house. But the people who came in were very good. I gave them a bunch of bubble wrap and boxes and they basically did a lot of the packing for me, which was great, and they put it all downstairs and it just stayed there until the house was sold. That was a really big advantage for me to have them come in and do that.

My house sold in a day, I think it was. My previous times selling homes I’ve had them on the market for several months before they sold, so to get it done in a couple of days was absolutely mind-boggling. They were very efficient, polite, professional. I told them what I wanted for my home, and without any hesitation, Brad established a listing price that we were satisfied with and… I was just very, very happy that it, it was just so much easier than any previous sale I had ever done.

In the past, I’ve had to… Cancel an offer that I had put on another property because my home hadn’t sold in time. And this time it was like I was rushing out to find a place to live. It was just overall a very good experience.”

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