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– We got to know the GoWylde team about 10 years ago when Mary sold a house for us, and we were really pleased with the way she came over quickly. She was easy to get a hold of, sold our house quickly, sold it for a great price and we’re glad to continue selling houses through her. Two more, over the last 10 years. We called her, we knew that she had a good name around Guelph and I was really surprised to get Mary herself a couple of hours after we called to our house, talking to us about how important it was to her to sell this and sell it at a good price. We were impressed by that level of customer service.

– When you go to a realtor, you’re looking for somebody who has expertise in an area that you don’t. That affects a big decision in your life, and we were really impressed by Mary’s knowledge of the market. Timing, price, how many offers we might get. Her information is always bang on and that really helps you to relax when you’re making decisions.

– Trish is a part of the team & again, we can get a hold of Trish so quickly. As soon as we knew we were going to be moving, we were changing cities, got a hold of Mary and Trish, knew we were in great hands, knew things were going to happen quickly, and they did.

– They got the house staged. And I remember our timelines were really tight, we were doing a lot of things at the same time. And so, to have the team be able to look after you, including doing the staging and all the other things that are associated with the sale, it was great.

– They’re really good at their job. Starting with Mary, right on down, all kinds of attention to detail. As we’ve talked about, the house staging, being readily accessible, talking to us about price and always been really happy with the price they’ve been able to get for us. Always talking to us in ways that make a lot of sense. Each of the three houses that they’ve sold for us, they’ve sold quite quickly and that’s always nice, because it’s not a process you want dragged out. All of those things on the professional level just are unsurpassable as far as I’m concerned. But most importantly, I think Mary and the GoWylde team are great corporate citizens. She cares about her community and the people in it as well as her business, and we really appreciate that too.

– I think you feel like you’re in the hands of a family member or a good neighbor, and that they’re very professional at the same time, you feel like somebody’s got your back and that means a lot when you’re talking about a big investment. You’re talking about something that affects your whole family, so we always appreciated that about the Wylde team.

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