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What Our Clients Have To Say | Tammy H


– I’m Tammy. I was introduced to Lynn from the GoWylde team. I was online researching to buy a house. I was actually looking for a private sale and it fell through. I clicked on Lynn’s name looking for houses and just asked her a bunch of questions. Then she asked me if I was interested in a condo and sent me some floor plans and that was a Sunday evening By Tuesday, I purchased a brand new build.

Lynn was very good at her job. She kept me very informed, was always in contact with any questions I had, she answered very quickly and was very responsive. I was living with my parents so I didn’t have to sell and it was very quick. She kept in contact with me right up until the close of my condo and I was living in it for three months. I would use her again if I were going to buy and sell. She was always very responsive. She never hesitated to email when I needed an answer quickly. She was very happy and knew what she was doing.

It was just a very easy process. This was my second home that I owned. The first one I purchased 20 years earlier and Lynn made it very easy and painless.

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